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Maritime Pirate History Website

Welcome to Pirates! Fact and Legend a web site devoted to martime pirate history and all topics related to piracy. Our site is divided into serveral sections: Famous Pirates, History of Pirates, Pirate Facts and Pirate Legends. Also check out our Pirates Message Boards and Pirate Books. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate or scroll down for a description below.

Pirates History

Visit our History of Piracy section for links to articles about pirates throughout important time periods. Read about popular subjects such as Pirates of the Caribbean and how pirate history affected government, life, trade, and more. Read about Ancient Pirates and learn about the first mention of piracy in 1350BC. Almost everyone is familiar with, a period popularized by books and media, the Golden Age of Piracy. Many people are surprised to know that Middle Age Piracy was rampant and a serious problem for trade. Julius Caesar struggled with the Roman Era Pirates and today many seas are still plagued as Modern Piracy is common off the coast of Somalia. There is no doubt that pirates had and will continue to have a tremendous impact on the history of civilization! View all of our History of Pirates content.

Pirate Facts and Pirate Legends

For every pirate fact there are scores of pirate legends. With numerous fictional pirate stories came also romantic idealized interpretations of pirate life. Treasure Island, one of the best known fictional accounts of piracy, still instills ideas of pirate parrots, eye patches and peg legs into the imaginations of new generations of readers. Learn the truth and origins of these misconceptions about pirates. Was it a common practice to fly pirate flags, like the Jolly Roger, on pirate ships? Did Johnny Depp get it right with his portrayal of pirate life and pirate clothing? Find the answer to these questions and more on our Pirate Facts and Pirate Legends section.

Famous Pirates

Read about famous pirates that have left their mark on history. Learn about the female pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny, and a few other women pirates! Acquaint yourself with exciting swashbuckling tales about Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the pirate! Read over 20 different pirate biographies on our Famous Pirates page.

Pirate Books

Pirate books for kids and adults available for purchase and also readable on-line. Get recommendations for adult and children's pirate books which are written by renowned authors. Our suggestions are made not only based on educational merit, but also on whether or not the books are enjoyable and fun to read. Save some time by browsing our selection. Check out all of our recommendations for adult and kids Pirate Books.

Pirates Message Board

Pirates message boards with a massive archive of messages on scholarly, and other pirate related topics. Great place to ask other pirate enthusiasts about research issues related to piracy. We also provide a section for children, regarding homework, a section on pirate movies, and lots more. Check out our feature rich pirate discussion with over 40,000 messages. A lively pirates community! View Pirates Message Boards.

Pirate Fun

You may be interested in buying a Pirate Costume for your Halloween party. You can also browse a selection of Jolly Roger Pirate Flags and other pirate related products.

Recommended Books
Pirate Costumes