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Famous Pirates | Male and Female Pirate Bios

A collection of the world's most famous pirates, including women pirates, that ever sailed the seas. Our female pirate biographies immortalize the misdeeds of dubious women pirate heroines. Check out our special section on female pirate buccaneers. Also find famous pirates like Blackbeard, and all the other most infamous pirate names. Organized by pirate name, each pirate biography is written to convey the cruel reality of each rogue's pirate life. You'll find pirates history to be engrossing and fascinating to read. Be sure to also visit our history of pirates section for an overview of piracy and also our pirate legends and pirate facts section for more details about piracy.

Anne Bonny

  • A Biography of Anne Bonny
    Anne Bonny’s life was by far not as adventurous as Mary Read’s, but it had been a hard life. She was a bastard daughter of an attorney of Cork in Ireland, whose wife had left him because of his loose way of life. Her ... Continue reading.
  • Ahoy, Matey! That Pirate Has Breasts!
    Anne Bonny, whether you believe her to have been a woman full of grit and gumption or a conscienceless criminal, is a fascinating historical figure. Amazingly, her appeal is due to what is not known about her as much ... Continue reading.

Bartholomew Roberts

  • The Great Pirate Roberts
    Bartholomew Roberts, referred to as the ' Great Pirate Roberts', roamed the seas in the early eighteenth century. He traveled the coasts of North and South America. His reputation had grown so immense that guard ships... Continue reading.

David Porter

Edward Teach

  • Blackbeard the Pirate
    Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach was undoubtedly was one the most feared and most despised pirates of all time. Edward Teach is thought to have lived in England before his pirate career, although his exact origins are unknow... Continue reading.
  • Blackbeard’s Last Stand
    In 1718 Alexander Spotswood, the Governor of Virginia Alexander, was under enormous pressure to remove pirates from his domain, so he offered rewards for their capture. Top of the wanted list was Blackbeard with £100 ... Continue reading.

Francis Drake

  • The Gentleman Pirate
    Sir Francis Drake was born around 1540 as the son of a puritan farmer and preacher. He taught himself the art of sailing as the navigator of a small merchant sail vessel. Later in the beginning of his career, he serve... Continue reading.

Henry Morgan

  • The King of All Pirates
    In the year 1655 England seized a weakly guarded Spanish Island: Jamaica, and converted it into an English colony. The guards defending the Island were generally taken from the streets, and represented the worst crimi... Continue reading.

Jean Laffite

  • A Biography of Jean Laffite
    Jean Laffite, thought to have been born in France, was more of a businessman than seafarer. Along with his brother, Laffite practiced pirating and privateering out of Barataria Bay, south of New Orleans. With over 10 ... Continue reading.

John King

John Rackham

  • A Biography of John Rackham
    John Rackham is also known as 'Calico Jack' by many due to his preference for calico coats and britches. Though not among the most notorious pirates of the seas, he is most renown for his association with Anne Bonny a... Continue reading.

Mary Read

  • A Biography of Mary Read
    Mary Read came to life as the illegitimate child of her mother, and was dressed as a boy to impersonate her deceased (legitimate) brother, to hide her mothers indiscretions from her sea-faring father. She was thus bro... Continue reading.
  • Life in a Man's World: Mary Read
    Mary Read was born in London, England in the late seventeenth century to the wife of a sea captain. Some historical documents claim that Mary Read was disguised as a boy so that her father would believe that she was h... Continue reading.

Maurycy Beniowski

  • A Biography of Maurycy Beniowski
    Count Maurycy Beniowski (also known as Baron Maurice de Benyowski) was born in Poland to a noble family. At that time Poland was partitioned into three parts, Beniowski was born in the Russian part. As a youngster he ... Continue reading.

Samuel Bellamy

  • A Biography of Samuel Bellamy
    Samual Bellamy, later to be called 'Black Bellamy', was known to be one of the most active freebooters. As legend has it that he was a young English sailor, who traveled to the new world colonies to seek his fortune. ... Continue reading.

Stede Bonnet

  • A Biography of Stede Bonnet
    One of the sea’s strangest, and most unlikely pirates, from the Virginia coast. He was originally a high ranking individual, known as Major Stede Bonnet. Bonnet came from an upright French family. He himself possessed... Continue reading.

Thomas Jones

  • A Biography of Thomas Jones
    Maj. Thomas Jones, like the rest of my family ever since, had a knack for choosing the wrong side in a political dispute. His own heritage was Welsh, but as a young man, he joined the Irish who fought unsuccessfully f... Continue reading.

William Dampier

  • The Old Pyrating Dog
    William Dampier led a life of controversy. He spent many years travelling the world with buccaneering parties, and was involved in looting, violence and general piracy. He published journals recording his travels, mix... Continue reading.

William Kidd

  • A Biography of William Kidd
    One of the most well known Pirates of all times was Captain Kidd, who had originally been employed to rid the seas of pirates. Kidd was born around 1645 (the exact date is unknown). He found employment as an E... Continue reading.
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