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Pirate Book - Recommendations

Pirate books for children and adults. Finding an accurate and easily accessible pirate book for children or adults is no trivial task. Despite the popularity of piratical tales and swashbuckling adventures there are few truly memorable books about pirates to choose from. Finding and buying the right pirates books can be frustrating. We've compiled a list of our pirate book recommendations based on age, from babies to adults. Find our top five pirate books for each age group, linked to Amazon for your convenience, on this page.

Pirate Books - Toddlers

Get a pirate book for children up to around 3 years old. Hand picked pirate books appropriate for toddlers developing their understanding of social roles and use of language. Easy to understand stories, concepts and beautiful illustrations. Our top five books on pirates for toddlers.

Books about Pirates - Kindergartners

Kindergartner pirate book top 5. We've chosen some of our favorite books about pirates that are great for kindergartners corresponding to 4-8 years of age. Each book has been selected to stimulate the imagination and satisfy the curiosity of young minds. See our five top books on pirates for kindergartners below.

Children Pirate Books

Pirate books for children top five. A selection of our recommended pirate books for kids that are great for ages 9-12. These books are balanced to provided to right mix of picture and text. Choose from our pirate childrens books below.

Pirate Book - Non Fiction

Factual books about pirates. Books on pirates that are historically accurate while providing for engaging reading. We've chosen books that are accessible and immediately enjoyable without prior historical knowledge about piracy. Choose a great pirate book from our top five selection below.