Pirate Facts and Pirate Legends

Read about Pirate Facts such as life at sea and other interesting aspects of pirate life. Find pictures of the Jolly Roger and articles about why they were flown. We've compiled a few articles on Modern Piracy because maritime pirates are still are very real threat even in these modern times. Our idealized picture of of piracy is very different from reality, read more by reading about Pirate Legends. One of our most popular sections describes common Pirate Ships. Read about Pirate Strongholds and Ports of Call for information on where pirates found safe harbor. Finally, take a look at how pirates dressed in the Pirate Clothing section.

Facts of Piracy

Romanticized ideals of a pirate's life are everywhere in literature and movies. We've compiled a list of pirate legends and pirate facts, such as life at sea and other interesting aspects of a pirates life, to set the record straight about how real pirates lived.

Jolly Roger

Upon sighting the jolly roger pirate flag flying from a neighboring ship many sailor and passenger knew terror - and with good reason. Below, examine pictures of pirate flags and read articles about why they were flown.

Modern Piracy

Unfortunately, maritime piracy is still are very real threat even in these modern times. Below, find archival articles about this very real and very dangerous threat. For the latest news, seek the maritime society of the locale that you plan on visiting.

Pirate Clothing

Discover in detail the types of pirate clothing that pirates wore.

Pirate Legends

Some of our favorite elements of piracy are idealized fantasies, nothing more than pirate legends. Read about these pirate myths below.

Pirate Ships

Sailors on pirate ships knew few comforts, often utilizing under powered and inexpensive vessels. View pictures of pirate ships and articles about how these ships were constructed.

Pirate Strongholds & Hideouts

Pirates found safe harbor around the world. Sea rogues operated from pirate strongholds in secret ports of call where they were beyond the reach of the law. Read about them below.

Types of Pirates in History

Learn about the different types of pirates and the regions from which they operated.



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