s A Biography of Maurycy Beniowski
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A Biography of Maurycy Beniowski

Author: Krzysztof Wilczynski

Count Maurycy Beniowski (also known as Baron Maurice de Benyowski) was born in Poland to a noble family. At that time Poland was partitioned into three parts, Beniowski was born in the Russian part. As a youngster he took part in the Polish uprising to liberate Poland from the Russian rule (Konfederacja Barska) and after being captured by Russians was sent into exile to Siberia. However he managed to escape and after some tumultuous years he found himself leading an armed expedition headed toward Madagascar. On an African Island near Madagascar he managed to establish a stronghold, and pronounced himself the king of Madagascar. We can easily classify him as a pirate because he was not above attacking shipping around lanes around Madagascar, and he didn’t represent any authority. One of the nearby islands (Mauritius) was named after this Polish adventurer and to this day he is remembered there.

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