s A General History of the Pyrates vol II
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A General History of the Pyrates vol II

Author: Captain Charles Johnson

Title Page:


Containing the LIVES of
Captain Misson.
Captain Bowen.
Captain Kidd.
Captain Tew.
Captain Halsey.
Captain White.
Captain Condent.
Captain Bellamy.
Captain Fly.
Captain Howard.
Captain Lewis.
Captain Cornelius.
Captain Williams.
Captain Burgess.
Captain North.
And their several CREWS.

Intermix'd with a
Description of Magadoxa in Ethiopia; the natura Hatred and Cruelty of the Inhabitants to all Whites; their Laws, Manners, Customs, Government and Religion: With a particular ACCOUNT of the beautiful Tombs, and their Ceremony of guarding them, taken from Captain Beavis's Journal; and that of a Molotto, who belong'd to the said Captain, was taken by, and lived several Years with the MAGADOXIANS

To the Whole is added
An APPENDIX, which compleats the Lives of the first Volume, corrects some Mistakes; and contains the Tryal and Execution of the Pyrates at Providence; under Governor Rogers; with some other necessary Insertions, which did not come to Hand till after the Publication of the first Volume, and which makes up what was defective Collected from Journals of Pyrates, brought away by a Person who was taken by, and forc'd to live with them 12 Years; and from those of Commanders, who had fallen into their Hands, some of whom have permitted their Names to be made use of, as a Proof of the accuracy of what we have published. The Whole instructive and entertaining.


By Capt. Charles Johnson, Author of Vol. I.

Printed for, and Sold by T. Woodward

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