Pictures of Pirate Flags

Author: Krzysztof Wilczynski

We have compiled a list of flags used by famous pirates.

Bartholomew_Roberts.jpg (2055 bytes)
Bartholomew Roberts (#1)

Bartholomew_Roberts2.jpg (3026 bytes)
Bartholomew_Roberts (#2)

Christopher_Moody.jpg (7724 bytes)
Christopher Moody

Edward_England.jpg (3880 bytes)
Edward England

BlackBeard.jpg (3341 bytes)
Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Christopher_Condent.jpg (2143 bytes)
Christopher Condent

Emanuel_Wynne.jpg (5238 bytes)
Emanuel Wynne

Henry_Every.jpg (7091 bytes)
Henry Every

Jack_Rackam.jpg (17652 bytes)
Jack Rackham

Richard_Worley.jpg (4086 bytes)
Richard Worley

Stede_bonnet.jpg (11877 bytes)
Stede Bonnet

Thomas_Tew.jpg (11208 bytes)
Thomas Tew

Walter_Kennedy.jpg (5432 bytes)
Walter Kennedy

Edward_Low.jpg (3769 bytes)
Edward Low



Pictures of Pirate Flags