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Tybee Island, Ga.

Author: PublicWiki

http://tybeeisland.com/piratefest Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Savannah, Ga., Tybee Island PirateFest is held annually the 2nd weekend in October (Thursday - Sunday) - main events held at the Pavilion & Pier. It's a BLAST!!! I've been three times & I'm going again. "Family Friendly" by day, more "Adult" by night (not rowdy; partylike) EVERYONE is polite and relaxed. Parking IS an issue (it's a small island) and you WILL need to pay or you'll be towed - get a spot early at your hotel and try not to move your vehicle if possible. If commuting in for the day, you may have to walk for a bit, but it's a small island so no problem (bikes, golf carts, etc. available for rent). Great beach!! Roc

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