Typical Pirate Ships

Author: Krzysztof Wilczynski

Some of these vessels were in high esteem with the pirates for their agile maneuverability and speed. Others, for their size and brute force.

BilanderVessel.JPG (10282 bytes)

BrigatineVessel.JPG (10071 bytes)

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DutchHoyVessel.jpg (9736 bytes)
"Dutch Hoy"

FishingRarkVessel.jpg (8475 bytes)
"Fishing Rark"

FrenchShallopVessel.jpg (11232 bytes)
"French Shallop"

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TartanVessel.jpg (8148 bytes)

GalliotVessel.jpg (11753 bytes)

HerringBussVessel.jpg (8776 bytes)
"Herring Buss"



Typical Pirate Ships