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Cesar and the pirates Roman Piracy yes
The King of All Pirates Henry Morgan yes
Was Robinson Crusoe a Pirate Golden Age Piracy yes
Treasure Chests Pirate Legends yes
Introduction to Piracy Introduction yes
Ancient Piracy Ancient Piracy yes
Roman Piracy Roman Piracy yes
Contemporary Piracy Modern Piracy yes
Middle Age Piracy Middle Age PIracy yes
Golden Age Piracy Golden Age Piracy yes
A Biography of Maurycy Beniowski Maurycy Beniowski yes
The Gentleman Pirate Francis Drake yes
A Biography of Jean Laffite Jean Laffite yes
Blackbeard the Pirate Edward Teach yes
Pirate Code of Conduct Facts of Piracy yes
Injury Compensation Facts of Piracy yes
A Corsair Details of Piracy yes
A Privateer Details of Piracy yes
A Buccaneer Details of Piracy yes
Typical Pirate Ships Pirate Ships yes
Ship Parts Pirate Ships yes
Pirate Hooks Pirate Legends yes
Peg Legs Pirate Legends yes
Parrots Pirate Legends yes
Software Piracy Modern Piracy yes
Modern Maritime Piracy Modern Piracy yes
Why Flags Jolly Roger yes
Pictures of Pirate Flags Jolly Roger yes
Ship Capture Facts of Piracy yes
Rewards of Piracy Facts of Piracy yes
Pirate Punishment Facts of Piracy yes
Life on Land Facts of Piracy yes
Life at Sea Facts of Piracy yes
A Biography of Stede Bonnet Stede Bonnet yes
A Biography of Samuel Bellamy Samuel Bellamy yes
A Biography of Anne Bonny Anne Bonny yes
A Biography of William Kidd William Kidd yes
The Great Pirate Roberts Bartholomew Roberts yes
A Biography of John Rackham John Rackham yes
Test1 Pirate Books Fiction (link) yes
A Privateer Types of Pirates in History yes
A Corsair Types of Pirates in History yes
A Buccaneer Types of Pirates in History yes
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