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Online since 1996. Over 27 Years of Pirates!

Writing articles about pirates for this website

About Cap’n Chris: Navigating the Tides of Pirate History

As you embark upon this grand voyage through tales of buccaneers and buried treasures, spare a moment to glance at the humble cartographer of these chronicles! And it's about time, too, he's been sailing this ship since 1996! Introducing Cap’n Chris, the mind behind this nautical nook. When you first lay eyes upon Chris, you might be tempted to think he’s stumbled out of a time portal from the Golden Age of Piracy itself. With a glint in his eye (that might just be from staring at a computer screen too long), Chris's enthusiasm for pirate history is as contagious as a sea shanty (hummed slightly off-key).

Chris's fascination with the buccaneering world began as a wee lad, reading the tales spun by Robert Louis Stevenson. This was not a mere fleeting childhood phase; it set the course for a lifelong odyssey.

Along the salty stretches of Oregon, where even seagulls roll their eyes and wonder, "Really, another pirate daydream?", our author stood as a beacon of... well, nerdy gumption. On many a childhood day, with toes in the sand and eyes on the horizon, he'd daydream of distant shores and salty adventures. Peering eastward, a chuckle would escape his lips as he mused, "Do Japanese pirates toast with sake shots instead of rum?"

A Quest that Sparked It All:

Come 1996, as the tides of the Internet started to rise, our young middle school adventurer embarked on a ThinkQuest internet website creation challenge with an international pirate crew. Back then, armed with the determination of a pirate and a 14.4k baud modem, he created an early incarnation of this website for the ThinkQuest competition. His treasure trove of pirate facts and poorly pixelated images was quite the sensation. However, like many great things – the dodo bird, leg warmers, and disco – the ThinkQuest project walked the plank. But fear not, dear reader, for from its digital Davy Jones' locker, it was reborn as Jokingly, Chris recalls, "I ain't had no fair birds clingin' to me shoulder, but by Blackbeard's ghost, I've steered through some treacherous tides o' the internet by the arch of me trusty mouse!"

He embarked on his maiden academic voyage at the Clark Honor’s College at the University of Oregon. Aye, the rigors of an arts and science education be "just like" navigating treacherous waters with only the stars to guide – if you swap out the stars for late-night caffeine and trying to make sense of 16th-century pirate dialects on just two hours of sleep. Yet, it wasn't just pirate tales that captivated him. The human experience, in all its diverse facets, drew him in. Our Captain sought to understand the human condition, and perhaps, in a more precise way than most... But, ah, let's not dive into those depths just yet; every pirate keeps a secret or two, after all.

From Planks to Pixels: 

Crafting this website wasn’t all smooth sailing. Between bouts of carpal tunnel from excessive typing and the occasional coffee spill that threatened ancient sea scrolls (well, more like threatening his laptop), Chris has truly walked the plank for his craft. He’s weathered many a metaphorical storm to bring this treasure trove of history to your screen, sacrificing personal time and doubloons, all to ensure that the vibrant and tumultuous era of pirates isn't lost to the annals of time.

In the end, what anchors Chris as a pirate authority isn't the fancy parchments he's collected, but his enduring zeal. As you plunder through these pages, know you aren't merely skimming words – you be stepping into a realm conjured by a soul who, had he hailed from a few tides back, might've hoisted his own black flag. Though, let's be real, he'd probably be the one handing out willow bark for the crew's post-rum hangovers.

But wait, there be more than just Cap'n Chris behind the wheel! Nay, this ship's been manned by a gallant crew of seasoned scribes, each bringing their own distinct flavor of rum—err, I mean, knowledge—to the table. Allow me to introduce you to the other minds that have swabbed these decks with their words: Ed Foxe, Paul Gilbert, Lisa Jensen, Jerry Hill, Wayne M Davis, Chris Rule, Deanna J. Jones.

So, pull up a barrel, raise a glass of rum, and set sail into the captivating world of pirates.  🏴‍☠️🍺🌊


And finally, a Heartfelt Plea from Cap’n Chris himself.

Ahoy, dear mateys!

Now, while pirates be known for takin' what ain't theirs, we humbly request ye to chart a different course. If the tales and chronicles spun 'round these parts have stirred the sailor in ye, and you wish to share them with fellow buccaneers, we be askin' – nay, implorin' – ye to do so honorably.

Please refrain from simply copyin' and pastin' our hard-spun yarns or illustrations onto another vessel (or, in your tongue, another site). Instead, drop an anchor by linkin' directly to our harbor here at This way, others can embark on the full journey, just as ye did.

Furthermore, if you've found treasures within our tales, why not hoist them high for all to see? Share our stories on your social media channels, and let others know of the adventures awaitin' them here.

By honorin' our request, you're not just supportin' the old Cap'n, but you're also ensuring that these tales, rich with history and heart, continue to echo across the vast seas of the internet. From the deepest caverns of our pirate hearts, we thank ye! 🖤

And remember, as the old seafarers' adage goes, "Honor amongst thieves makes for smoother seas." Safe sailin', and may the wind always be at your back!